Why should you not write good quality content?

While quality content is the popular demand, the title suggests otherwise. Writers mostly try to focus on the quality of the content so that it connects well with the audience. Who needs good quality content when people usually just see the visuals and scroll past the content? Ranking higher on the popular search engines will also not be possible without high-quality SEO optimized contents, but why should you care? SEO is old school and focusing on good content is outdated. Then why care for what Google says? The success rate of your marketing campaigns isn’t decided by the quality of your content but the amount of money spent on paid ads. So why do people really care about good quality content?

Let us look at a few points:

  • Why should user experiences matter?  The writer always turns every stone on their approach to create good quality content to engage more and more readers and increase the organic traffic of the website. But if you don’t want to eliminate competition, rather eliminate yourself from the competition, then do not be concerned with high-quality content. In that case, you don’t need to sweat over the fact that the user experiences are not up to the mark. The power of the internet can be ignored in order to have visitors ignore your page in the long run.
  • Will CTR really help to grow your online presence? Click through rates are usually considered as very important to maintain the quality of the content. Is it a hard job to find an interesting pickup line? Well, it is a lot harder to find a compelling headline for the article. However, if you are not looking for any online success or long-term growth, then stop worrying about catchy headlines or subjects for your Emails, blog posts and articles. Naturally, the ranking of your advertisement will fall substantially at a point where the scope of any growth and development shall be nullified.
  • Do you need to create engaging content for the audience? Not if the ranking of your site is irrelevant to you! Websites always tend to prefer content that can engage the attention of the user. However, for sites who think otherwise, creating interesting content with unique details and an informative tone should not be important. As a result of this, their online presence and popularity would not be significant. Not to mention, the number of subscriptions will also go down day by day just like the quality of your content.
  • Is good quality content a requirement for increasing leads? The company that is not focussed on increasing its profits through sales has it quite easy. The responsibility of an effective content marketing strategy is automatically shrugged off the shoulders. Thus, persuasive techniques are not required in this arena to make a successful sale online and build a loyal clientele.
  • Content impacting conversion rates- Is it real? The concept of creating quality content is deep-rooted in the fact that the visitors will get converted to leads and in turn, they will get converted to buyers. However, companies or websites who are not worried about making any profits through this conversion can post low-quality content on their pages. This way, SEO ranking will deteriorate considerably and the prospective customers will also prefer a different source.
  • Why worry about making the content informative with inbound links? The value of your content will directly impact the reputation you have in the market. Other site owners would also want to invariably link to it which will help to create a network. One who is not concerned about the quality of the content or the way it affects traffic, business networking or sales is saved from a lot of troubles (looking at the upside of the situation).
  • Who needs social media shares? Most business organizations gain huge popularity from social media shares. However, for the ones who are not focussed on creating quality content, they can also not bother about the brand enhancement that is needed for a successful business. The audience creates networks and shares these posts with their close ones which is direct marketing and quite helpful in spreading the word. However, it all depends on whether your content is up to the mark or not.
  • Generating traffic- More web traffic means a lot and it is generated only by interesting content. Companies who do not attach much importance to the quality of the content also need to brainstorm different ideas to find ways of generating traffic, improving online search engine ranks or conversion of leads.

The above points state clearly the reasons why people are obsessed with good-quality content and present it to the public. It also shows who should be ignoring these tasks and can do without focusing on quality. Focusing on other marketing strategies and ignoring the creation of SEO optimized engaging content has its own consequences which no normal business owner wishes to experience. 

But what are you if not a little crazy?

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