Where will your Content Rank in the New Decade: What all has Changed?

Machine learning and AI are the new buzzwords and the introduction of products like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are changing the market for the upcoming decade. Shifts in trends have had a major impact in digital marketing and the way people now present and consume content. Lets have a look at what has changed over the past ten years and the new trends to watch out for from 2020 for your content to rank and compete better in this decade.

Voice and Visual Searches
As voice technology has made its improvements over the last decade, voice searches are now becoming the new trend. With Google Home and Amazon Alexa becoming a common gadget for most households, it is predicted that a majority of searches now will be done by voice. Visual searches, while already prevalent in the last decade, has substantially improved and is expected to be a major change too. Consequently, content designed for reading has to now be modified to suit the user needs and style of consumption.

People want Instant Answers

With a plethora of content available online, people no longer want to be lost in a sea of information. In early 2010 when content was still being generated, people wanted information and in-depth knowledge on any topic they searched for. Browsing for information involved clicking on multiple websites for sources of information. In the beginning of 2020, we already know the quantity of content out there and how easy it is to get lost. Most of what is available is redundant. People want instant answers to their queries without having to waste time on information that is not necessary. It is more about quality and what can hold their attention. Google has started addressing this need for consumers with its own results. Consequently, for simple queries like pertaining to scores for a particular sport or the weather, users will not bother to click on a website to browse its content when the results can be found on the search page itself. Voice searches yield instant answers as well. Organic traffic through search result pages is bound to see a decline. 

Studies have revealed how zero click searches are gradually growing by percentage year over year and are expected to grow even further in the next few years.

Predominance of Google Ads

Recent search trends reveal that most searches made on google don’t drive traffic to the websites at all, even the ones that rank amongst the top few on the results of search engines. This significant change has been a recent but gradual one. The limited real estate on any search result page is now being increasingly occupied by ad results. Ad results in the past decade were limited to one and used to be specifically colour coded or marked. People looking for their results could visually filter out ads and click on the content below. Ads today have not only improved, they too have started providing rich content that can drive traffic to their websites and give their money’s worth.

The Importance of Snippets

Metadata is gradually becoming one of the important driving sources of traffic for content today. Searches on google yield results and titles with little snippets of information. This information is short, concise and usually a direct answer to most of our searches, especially ones that require minimum comparisons or detailed answers. Google ads too provide informative snippet that make users click to read on further based on the quality of content provided on the snippet. Ads look less promotional these days and strive towards promoting their content. 

While such metadata did not directly affect search engine rankings in the past decade, it can be an important determinant to where your content will rank in the new decade. 

Automation for Key Word Optimisation

The click-per-rate and keyword traffic trends used to earlier be analysed by most bloggers manually. Bloggers and content developers checked their analytics page to see which ones worked better than the others and what worked better for their pages. The content and keywords were then tweaked and improvised on to improve search rankings for them. With the improvement in the field of analytics and increasing automation in every sphere, companies are introducing software that can improvise content based on key word rankings automatically. These are trends one has to keep up with and upgrade on 2020 onwards. 

Type of Content Affects Rankings

Content in the beginning of the past decade was limited to written articles and long form content. Internet speeds were slower and images had to be used with limitation to ensure that website speed was not slowed down. While speed continues to be an important factor for content ranking even now, the type of content delivered and the style has definitely undergone major changes. Video and images predominate the website space and considered more informative along with shorter, concise and point wise information. 

Advancements in technology will continue to bring disruptions in digital marketing trends. Your content needs to be more than just interesting and engaging. Evolving with changing trends, predicting and adopting new practices is the only way to keep up in a competing online sphere.

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