How To Write SEO-Friendly Content That People Read?

SEO friendly content writers play a vital role in helping a business grow without increasing the marketing budget. When an article or blog has SEO friendly content, this doesn’t mean that it has to be packed with keywords. Its main purpose is to enable search engines to find it, comprehend as well as connect with the content that has been covered by the content creator.

The website of a firm that has to be search engine optimized, must have a strong authority along with a good backlink profile. All such factors will help it rank higher and it will appear on the main page, attracting more clicks, and thus more customer engagement. It is quite essential because even if a page has the best content, no one would be able to read it if they do not find it in the first place.

Ways of making content SEO friendly:

SEO friendly content makes a business stand out among its competitors.  Though doing this is not easy, but once a content creator learns it, amazing results can be expected without putting in a lot of extra effort. Here are the ways of creating SEO friendly content:

1. Including headings and subheadings:

This has a major role in SEO as headings and subheadings enhance the keyword saturation in the content. Doing this makes the content easily skimmable and thus users feel good to read and comprehend it without losing interest. Such headings and sub-topics with the keywords make the search engine easily identify them while crawling through the website. 

2. Providing links to the contents which has been created earlier:

If there are external and internal backlinks added to the content, the search engines rank them better. This will enable the target users to get better information about what they are searching for. The search engine also indexes the sites in a better way because of this.

So, it is always recommended to link similar articles in a post. Providing links to notable websites and credible sources enhances the website’s validity as well as helps in gaining the reader’s trust.

3. Length optimization:

Earlier lengthy content was given priority by search engines but today high-quality content is relevant because this provides the readers with the best answers they are seeking. It is the reason most websites with high traffic do not have a lot of articles that are more than 1500 words. 

The content must be such that maximum engagement can be attained through the highest visits of the readers, along with the least bounce rates. A website with good content will have a high conversion rate in the form of subscription to newsletters and sign-ups. There are some tools that can be used for optimizing the content, such as Hemmingway editor, Read-Able, Essay Mama, Plagtracker, Keyword Density Checker, SEO Optimization, etc. 

4. The wise use of keywords:

Before curating content, it is important to identify the keywords which need to be incorporated for making it SEO friendly.  The keywords have to be used in the title, the main copy, headlines, meta descriptions as well as the ALT tags. There are certain keyword-planning tools such as Ahrefs or SERPSTAT which can be used or else the business can hire an SEO agency to accomplish this.

The content creator must ensure the readability of the content by scattering the keywords throughout the text to make it look natural. This is essential as it is meant for humans and not machines. So the reader should not get the feeling that the content is monotonic and boring. Instead of using the same keywords, its synonyms can also be used for effective outcomes as this helps the writer avoid repetition.

5. Image optimization:

It can be done by the use of keywords in the image files and adding ALT tags. The pictures must be of an optimum size that is clearly visible despite being small so that they do not slow down the page when a reader tries to open it. Besides this, images add a lot of value to a website as people find them much more interesting.  Consequently, it has a significant impact on reducing a website’s bounce rate.

 7. Allowing shareability of the content:

The crucial thing that must be kept in mind before creating content is to know the audience well. This will help the content creator make sure that the users will find the content useful.

Once the SEO friendly content writers have created the content, they have to make it is shareable. This can be accomplished through the use of social media buttons from websites like ShareThis and AddThis

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