Why SEO is a Long Play and is Super-Important

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an evolving field. It is impressive how important it has become for businesses to allocate budget for online engagement in their marketing and advertisement budgets, as more and more people look to the web for finding answers and interacting with companies. There are countless benefits to having your website easily available through organic searches. However, many businesses, especially small scale ones and startups consider SEO to be something done once and expect immediate results. While SEO does have some immediate benefits right after the first time someone optimizes a website, to harness its full power, your SEO needs to be a constantly growing and evolving process.

  1. Dealing with search engine policies

The popular search engines nowadays, mostly Google and Bing, set their policies and algorithms around SEO. These policies are usually created with millions, if not billions, of websites in mind, and it is nearly impossible to get the algorithm or policy changed in a way that benefits you personally. Instead of trying to get these policies changed, stick to the rules. Don’t try to get Google to change some aspect of its algorithm. Instead, change your website’s user experience. Maintain a clear sitemap and clean code, ensure that there are no broken links and maintain a diverse array of SEO ranking content that is easy for users to get to. It takes time, but you will see your page rank higher and higher over time.

  1. Setting goals

Ranking on top for a particular keyword should not be the goal for your SEO activities. As statistics and studies show, the mean age for a page ranking on top for a keyword is two to three years. It is very hard for newer pages to get on top. Instead, have a dynamic strategy that grows and evolves as your company does. Constantly keep track of the keywords that attract the most and least traffic, and update your site and content to be in step with the same. Remember, the goal of an SEO process is not to be the first result, but to drive more traffic and engagement to your website.

  1. SEO and how it balances with other marketing efforts

 SEO should not be the only thing in your marketing and advertising strategy. It only forms a part of it. In fact, SEO works best when used in combination with a number of other inbound marketing techniques, paid advertisements, public relations, and the like. Ensure that your marketing is balanced. Internet marketing nowadays is all about synchronicity and synergy. Balanced and holistic campaigns have a much better chance to succeed than SEO heavy plans or a plan that doesn’t involve SEO at all.

  1. Organic SEO is not the same as PPC

A number of people confuse SEO with advertising services like AdSense. Pay Per Click services like AdSense is not the same as organically built SEO. A better way of thinking of the best SEO content is to think of the instantly accessible word of mouth. True word-of-mouth advertising is a very long-term process and takes a lot of time to build. However, if you can ensure that your content is accessible when people are looking for certain keywords or terms, it will keep bringing similar, organic traffic to your website. It all boils down to one question, do people find what they are looking for on your website? 

Google’s algorithm is now smart enough to track if people continued looking to other websites for the same things that they went to your website for, and that significantly affects your score.

  1. Content is king

Content Marketing is the best possible strategy for an upcoming business. Most businesses tend to avoid it, mostly because it takes too much time to build quality content, or they do not have someone experienced enough to build good content over time. However, regardless of how pretty your website is and how many keywords it attacks, at the end of the day if you do not have content or have low effort content just spun up to drive numbers, your website will fail to attract traffic. Creating the best SEO content is a long-term plan, and the longest grind in building a good SEO score, but it is the base of a successful website. Ensure that everyone who visits your site asking questions gets the answers they need, and your website will rank higher and higher over time.

There are many parts of SEO that may seem like a mountain of work which may keep on going forever. To paraphrase SEO consultant Kenny Eliason, you can work 40 hours a week on a single website, and still, have stuff left to do every day. However, over the long term, organic SEO pays in spades and returns much better than an equivalent PPC campaign. SEO is a long and constantly evolving process, but it also rewards very, very well.

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