Understanding The Content Creation Funnel

Content! Content! Content!

In today’s time, content creation is one of the most important tasks of any marketing initiative. The demand for good content has significantly increased in recent years especially with the rise of social media platforms used for influencing and spreading awareness about a particular issue, product, service, etc. Individuals strive to read content that would serve their hunger for information and help them grow as human beings. 

Now, the important question to ask would be – “How can one create quality content?”

An important phrase that goes around is “Quality over Quantity”. It applies to both your choice of friends and content! 

In order to help you create quality content, we have something named Content Funnel.

The Content Funnel helps one to understand and practice quality content writing with the help of 3 magical components:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

The content funnel is an upside-down pyramid which denotes the three most important steps to follow while creating content. To make things easier, let’s get to explaining the three magic components and how they can be applied.


How can you get people to know about you or your product? In order to create an impact on the minds of your target audience, it is important for them to know that you exist in the first place. Grabbing your audience’s attention is not easy but what you can do is identify who is your target audience. Social media is the most popular platform amongst all age groups these days. It allows you to be as creative as you want to be with your content.  After all, creativity knows no boundaries. Now use this access to neverending creativity as your strongest tool to grab attention! 

  • Images 

It can help grab your audience’s attention and heighten their interest in reading your content.

  • Videos 

Videos help get more engagement from your current and potential customers. Since they can sometimes be expensive, making use of infographics can come in handy. 

  • Blog Posts 

They are the trendiest in today’s Microfashion (if you get the reference!). They help you provide the relevant information that your audience is looking for and saves time. Blogs are useful in increasing awareness about your and/ or your product.

  • Newsjacking 

Got new ideas? News jack. Do it when you find something #trendy #blog #share. Everything latest that grabs your attention, share it with the world and earn!

  • Guest Posts 

It is a way to go to your customers if they are unable to come to you.


Capturing the trust of your target audience is an important aspect of today’s marketing strategies. If people have faith in you, your product will sell by your name. This will help you establish and build your brand value.

  • Persistence is the key!

Efficient and quality content writing is created and it doesn’t just come to businesses right away. Quality content will help you reach people who want to access your product as badly as you want your product to reach them. Thus, persistence is key and to build trust you need to remind your audience continuously and share with them experiences of people who have used your product and are benefitting from it.

  • Case studies 

Help your target audience to connect with the brand as well as with the people who share the same problems and use the product or use your company’s help. 

  • Emails and social media 

Today, emails and social media are being used as a primary platform for all types of communications and interactions. These platforms help to reach out to a large number of audiences. 

Have an update? Email. Post.

  • Webinars 

Another name for help and build others. Providing someone with personalized help can do wonders and provide them with a sense of your work and make them feel like you’re there for them.

  • Fact sheets 

Numbers and facts are the backbones of any successful endeavour. People find you more convincing if you have done your research well! A detailed report on the product or service can be very helpful for your audience and will also provide them with the legitimization of your brand. Providing people with facts that would benefit them will help you create an impact on their minds. 


This includes retaining customers and that’s a tough one. The content developed to retain your customers, keep them satisfied and make them feel valued, in order to have them keep coming back is definitely difficult but one of the most important things to do.

  • Webinars 

Supporting your clients should be a priority to make them feel like a part of the company and appreciate their trust in the brand. Personalized webinars would help them increase their trust and truly believe that you want to support them at each step.

  • Emails 

Emails are of great help to remind your target audience about the brand. Daily reminders about new or existing products that they use will be beneficial for maintaining the customer’s interest in your brand.

  • Newsletters

Customer-specific newsletters which are sent monthly about the new improvements and updates in the product or service would let customers get insights into the brand they use. 

  • Help Videos

Some like to read. Some like to watch. Videos can be an efficient way to personalize your brand. Information about specific products can get your target audience hooked and make their lives easier! 

In this ever-changing market, one cannot assure what sells but working along with your customers and making them feel valued is a sure-shot path to success.

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