The Almost-Magical Formula For Getting The Best Content Created

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When it comes to pulling out the best content from freelancers, contemporary business organizations experience a dilemma.  Being a revolutionist in the content landscape, Pepper has crafted the almost-magical formula for extracting the best content writing services from freelancers.

Embark On The Journey With Multiple Writers

Every business differs from another in the context of brand voice, goals, and visions. A quality portfolio of a freelancer may impart you some clarity but still, it cannot deliver a final verdict about the quality of work expected from your end. Therefore, it is a great idea to ask for tailor-made samples from multiple writers to be assured that the hired freelancer will be able to do justice to your inbound content marketing strategies. Asking for a sample conveys your expectations along with conveying guidelines regarding deadlines. Once you have samples written by multiple writers in front of you, it is time to run a comparative analysis. In no time, you will be able to figure out which freelancer has the vision and understanding to deliver the best content writing services that are aligned with your marketing goals. 

Familiarize Freelancer With Your Specific Business And Writing Style 

Ideally, you should strive to make a freelance writer a part of your team. A perfect writing output comes out when your in-house content marketing team can introduce a freelancer to the precise writing style. In turn, a freelancer can blend the innovative and refined brand voice seamlessly in the existing writing style. In simple words, strive to hire a freelancer that possesses some understanding of your industry vertical, geographical location, target audiences, and most importantly the vision of your organization. If a freelancer is not aware of your industry vertical, no matter how good the quality is, the chances are slim that you will get the desired results. 

Below, find elements of vital information related to your organization that you should make available to the freelancer.

Existing Website And Social Media 

If you already have a website or social media presence, encourage the hired freelancer to raise queries after taking the virtual tour of your organization to grasp the brand voice of your business. 

Style Guide 

Generally, the marketing department of business organizations prepare a style guide encompassing ideal writing style, formatting requirements, citation or linking practices, do’s and don’ts for writing and many more. If you have your style guide to share with your freelancer, it can make a huge impact in better introducing the freelancer to your brand voice and vision to further fetch the best content from freelancers. 

Preferred Writing Pieces 

Introducing your freelancer to your favourite pieces of writing which you expect the freelancer to emulate will be of great help to the freelancer. Doesn’t matter if it is a webpage, blog piece, piece of writing from competitor’s resource, do not hesitate to share it to impart an overview about your vision related to expected writing. 

Personas of the Target Audience

Never skip sharing broad information about your target audience. It will help a freelancer in picking suitable appealing words based on the age factor, geographical segment, and preferences, to ensure infusing perfect emotional punch to deliver the best content writing services

Provide Clear Direction

One of the prime reasons that lead to multiple editing or wastage of valuable time of all the entities involved in the process of content logistics is lack of clear direction or briefing regarding assignments. If a selected headline does not convey your expectations clearly, you must reconsider your brief. You also need to provide a goal-oriented description along with a headline including specific keywords, research links, and other guidelines. 

Establish A Sound Feedback System

It will take time for a freelancer to understand the pulse of your organization’s vision, goals and offerings.  Therefore, create a sound system equipped with two-way feedback wherein you can convey your opinions regarding edits, changing the tone, modifying word choices, etc. and writers can share concerns and ideas.  

Ensure Flawless Bi-directional Communication

No matter how clear your creative brief is, you still need to keep all communication lines open to extract the best content from freelancers. Encouraging a freelancer to communicate any original idea is also a terrific strategy that you can adopt. After all, an idea can truly change a life. 

Ensure Fair Compensation To The Writer

A good compensation certainly goes a long way in boosting confidence and overall morale of a writer. Make sure that your writer does not have any complaints regarding compensation while ensuring other constructive elements including maintaining respectful communication, productive feedback combined with establishing realistic deadlines.

The Bottom Line

The idea of synchronizing the best content writing services with your content marketing strategy may appear perplexing. However, with the help of an appropriately crafted framework, it will become possible for you to extract the finest writing services from freelancers. All you need to do is to ensure providing a detailed business introduction, clear assignments, establish sound bi-directional communication and feedback system. Last but not least, make sure your writer is fairly compensated. 

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